NA-154 (Lodhran-I) NA-155 (Lodhran-II)
Member of National Assembly (NA-154 Lodhran-I) Member of National Assembly (NA-155 Lodhran-II)

PP-207 (Lodhran-I) PP-208 (Lodhran-II) PP-209 (Lodhran-III) PP-210 (Lodhran-IV) PP-211 (Lodhran-V)
Member of Provincial Assembly (PP-207 Lodhran-I) Member of Provincial Assembly (PP-208 Lodhran-II) Member of Provincial Assembly (PP-209 Lodhran-III) Member of Provincial Assembly (PP-210 Lodhran-IV) Member of Provincial Assembly (PP-211 Lodhran-V)

The Land of Crops, Fruits, Love and Emotions

Al Fatah Fish Trading L.L.C

1 Population: 1,171,800 (1998)
2 Area (Square KM): 1,790 KM
3 Population Density: 422 (per
4 Tehslils: Lodharan, Kahror Pakka, Dunya Pur
5 Main Crops: Cotton and Wheat
6 Main Fruits: Mango and Guava
7 Main Vegatables: Onion and Cauliflower
8 Forest (Area in Acres): 1,843
9 Total Metalled Roads: 853 (km)
10 Grid Stations: 3
11 Telephone Exchanges: 8
12 Industrial Units: 417
13 Cotton: Lodhran produce the 20% Cotton
of the Pakistan
14 Cotton: Lodhran produce the 4% Cotton
of the World
15 Major Industries: Agricultural Implements, Cold Storage,
Cotton Ginning,Pressing,Flour Mills,
Oil Mills,Poultry Feed, Soap
Spices Factory, Vegetable Ghee
Cooking Oil
16 Main Towns: QutabPur, Gogran, Dhanot, RajaPur,
Dakhano Gharo,Choki Masti Khan,
BorhanPur, AmirPur Sadat, FatehPur
Makhdoom Ali and Jalla Arain.